Top 4 benefits of a garden gazebo

Summer is almost here, so you are probably looking for ways to revamp your garden for the warmer months. A gazebo is the ideal way to recreate your outdoor living space, it can be used for all sorts of occasions, such as dinner parties, quiet conversations, or even to house a hot tub.

1. Shelter:

A gazebo means you can enjoy the outdoors in any weather, which is perfect if you love entertaining. In the summer you and your guests are sheltered from the scorching sun, and from any surprise inclement weather. Gazebos also protect your furniture from sun damage, damp, or fading. You can even hang plants from the beams or place them inside if they require shade. In colder weather you can install drapes, curtains or screens to stop the rain getting in and block the wind, allowing you to use the gazebo all year round.

sheltered garden gazebo

2. Variety:

There are many different types of gazebo for you to choose from. A wooden gazebo brings warmth and a rustic, traditional feeling. You can also stain or paint the timber for another look. Vinyl is less aesthetically pleasing than wood, but it also requires less maintenance. Aluminium is another option which can create a more sturdy, modern gazebo. They come in many shapes as well, such as square, round, rectangular or hexagonal. The variety of gazebos makes it easy to purchase one on any budget. You can buy an ornate, hexagonal one, or a simple, square one just for covering your table and chairs.

budget garden gazebo

3. Privacy:

Gazebos can be made quite private, if you wish to create a more secluded outdoor area. You can choose a gazebo which is more enclosed, which is useful if you want some privacy around a hot tub. The addition of curtains or screens can keep out insects as well as prying eyes. Even if you don’t have a hot tub, you can use a gazebo with closed sides just to create a quiet, little getaway. A more creative way to make your gazebo private is the way you landscape the garden around it. You can surround the gazebo with trees, shrubbery or even cover it in climbing vines.

privacy gazebo

4. Adds value:

A gazebo can be a useful asset to your house in years to come as well, this is because it actually adds value to your home. Over 50% of buyers think that an outdoor living space is the most attractive quality in a home, which is why a gazebo can add more than half of its cost onto the value of your property. A gazebo instantly draws attention because it is a special feature in the home. By adding one to the centre of your well landscaped garden you could make your home sell much easier in the future.

luxurious garden gazebo


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