The Benefits of Porcelain Paving

Porcelain paving is becoming an increasingly popular choice compared to natural stone paving for patios and pathways. If you’re looking to get a patio installed, we’d highly recommend considering porcelain paving, as it looks stunning in any setting and its properties are exceptional. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the benefits of porcelain paving and why you should consider fitting them in your garden. 

porcelain paving in front of a house
  • Low-maintenance

    Natural stone has high-porosity that leads to staining, but porcelain paving has low-porosity which means it’s difficult to get dirty and requires little to no maintenance. Moisture cannot enter the surface of the porcelain paving, so it never needs additional treatments such as sealants. The surface can be cleaned with a mild detergent diluted in water, which can be mopped on top to get rid of dirt, or if you’ve got porcelain paving outdoors, you can simply brush away dirt with a water pressure jet.


  • Similar to natural stone

    As a man-made product, manufacturers can design any look at any size. The paving can be made to look like natural stone, so you can get a natural aesthetic but with all the benefits of porcelain paving.


  • Resistant to weathering

    Although natural stone is resistant to weathering, porcelain paving has been specifically designed to repel water, frost and dirt, meaning it will still look as good as new years down the line.


  • Strong

    Patios often have to withstand heavy foot traffic, garden furniture and usage. Until recently, porcelain paving was a relatively thin material, but new technologies have allowed manufacturers to create thicker slabs of paving, making them more resistant to cracks. Porcelain paving also has an anti-slip textured surface, making them safe to walk on in the rain.


  • Use them anywhere

    Porcelain paving can be used both internally and externally, providing fluidity of style throughout your home and garden. Available in a variety of sizes, porcelain paving are suitable almost anywhere, whether you want them to create stepping stones in your garden or placed in your bathroom. 


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