How to Clean Your Driveway the Easy Way

Depending on the type of driveway you have, cleaning methods will vary, as will the frequency at which you clean them. By sprucing up your driveway you’ll improve the overall aesthetic of the exterior of your property, making it look more welcoming with relatively little effort. In this article we’ll explore the different methods you can undertake to leave your driveway looking sparkling new.

[Disclaimer: Before using a power washer in any of these steps, make sure there is no loose paving or surfaces that you want to remain on your driveway, as they may be pushed off during the rinsing process.]

Concrete driveways

Weathering will cause the sealing to wear away, so it’s important you keep on top of this, especially when the driveway has heavy use. To keep your concrete driveway looking smart, we recommend sealing your driveway every 2 years. When your driveway has been sealed, it will make it easier to clean, but if you have any spillages on the driveway, it’s important to clean it up right away as it may seep into the sealing and dissolve the sealing from the inside out. Mild detergent mixed in with warm water scrubbed into the surface with a hard bristled brush will massively improve the appearance of your property.

Brick driveways

Remove any grass or weeds from the surface before washing. We suggest using a brush to remove any dirt or gravel from the driveway, ensuring there is nothing in the way when you begin to clean it. You can either wash your driveway with a hard, outdoor bristle brush, or for ease, a pressure washer would be the perfect choice. You can simply use a weak solution of water and a small amount of soap detergent to clean the brickwork, making sure you scrub the whole driveway to avoid uneven coverage. Rinse the surface with the use of a hose or a bucket of water.

Gravel driveways

A popular choice of driveway as it is cheap and has naturally good drainage. Gravel driveways need more maintenance than most, but it’s easy to keep on top of. Firstly, weed the surface from any plants which have grown, and rake the surface to keep it smooth. If you’d like to clean the gravel, we suggest using a pressure washer to remove any moss or dirt that may have accumulated over time. You may like to add a degreasing solution to the pressure washers water to help with the removal process.

Asphalt driveways

Without proper care and maintenance, an asphalt driveway can begin to look old and worn in a relatively short amount of time. Removing dirt and debris with a hose weekly will help it maintain it, as well as removing any spills you may have with an old cloth to prevent further damage. We recommend filling any cracks as they appear, after which you may need it resealing again.

Flagstone driveways

Although not the most popular choice of driveway, flagstone driveways are an underrated and distinctive design, but do require slightly more maintenance compared to other driveways. Using a large, outdoor hard bristle brush, scrub the driveway with water and soap detergent. For any stains, use a specialist solution you can find at your local DIY store, but remember to use goggles and gloves as this solution may be harmful to your skin.


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