Easy Turfing Aftercare: How to Make Turf Look Smart and Last Longer

To ensure your turf looks great for many years to come, invest a little time and energy into its upkeep throughout the warmer months. You’ll be satisfied with a healthy green colouring and lush grass year round if you follow our simple guide to turf aftercare below.


lawn mower - caring for turf
  • Regular mowing

The more you mow, the more you’ll grow. It’s as simple as that. In the springtime, aim to mow the grass once a fortnight. In the summer try to achieve a weekly mow. This will encourage the grass to rejuvenate and make for a healthier lawn all round. Don’t set the mower blades too low, as this will dry out the soil beneath!


  •  Watering

Forgetting hosepipe bans for a second, you should be able to water your lawn at least once a week over summer. This will ensure it stays green. You can get away with doing it monthly in humid regions and rainfall will affect how often you should water the turf. Don’t overwater it and make sure you do so in the morning or early afternoon, so the sun can dry the excess water before it gets dark. This measure will prevent various grass diseases.


  •  Feeding

Fertiliser can work wonders on tired old grass. Make sure to feed the grass once it is already growing and never try to fertilise newly sown seeds or turf, as it is likely to turn brown. If you dislike the use of chemical fertilisers, use liquid seaweed each month in spring and summer.


  • Scarify

Sounds extreme, doesn’t it? However, you needn’t be afraid to scarify your lawn. It’s similar to exfoliating your skin to rid it of dead cells and impurities. Simply give your grass some TLC by removing dead grass, weeds, moss, fungi and leaves. Use a spring tine rake as this is the perfect tool to prepare for our next point: re-seeding.


  • Reseeding

Spring and autumn are the best times to re-seed and cover the patches caused by sun damage or football playing. Relaying new turf in the worst areas may be a better course to take. Although, seeding for larger areas is far more cost effective but results will take longer to materialise. Of course, if you are unsure of how best to reseed your lawn, get in touch with your local specialist and get advice or employ their services.

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