Different Types Of Garden Fencing

If your garden fence is looking a bit worse for wear, then it’s probably time to start considering a replacement. A new garden fence can completely transform the exterior of a property, making it look smarter and modernized immediately. There is a wide range of different garden fences to choose from, making it seemingly impossible to choose! However, if you know what you want from your garden fence, you can narrow down your choices to those that are more suitable for your garden. So we’ve compiled a list of the garden fences available and their benefits to make the selection process easier:

Solid fence panels

landscaped garden with a solid panelled fence

If you’re looking for the ultimate solution to privacy, a solid panel fence can provide this for you. Manufactured with vertical or horizontal slats of wood with no gaps, a solid fence panel should be constructed correctly with high-quality treated timber, to ensure when it rains water doesn’t get trapped in the gaps and begin to rot the wood at a faster rate. Solid fence panels are the most popular choice of garden fencing in the UK, most likely due to homes being built in close proximity to each other, as they give the greatest amount of privacy. To reduce maintenance costs over the years, simply ensure you invest in wood that has been treated to withstand the weather and robust enough to resist strong winds.

Decorative fencing

newly landscaped garden with decorative fence

If you’re looking for a fence that is a little more attractive, there are fences available that can offer this, along with privacy and security. Decorative fencing helps frame your garden without affecting the overall aesthetic of your landscaping. Generally, decorative fences are made up of lattice, horizontal weaves that leave slight gaps in the fencing – but not enough to impede on your privacy. These panels are treated with chemicals that stop the natural decay of wood over time, so you don’t need to worry about constant maintenance.

Picket fencing

white picket fence

Originating in England, picket fencing is typically used to mark boundaries, rather than for privacy and security. Picket fencing helps keep pets (and children!) within a certain area without blocking the view of the surrounding greenery. Picket fences are often associated with a domestic, simpler time in life, so offer the perfect classical decorative fencing for your front garden.

Hit and miss fence panels

wooden hit and miss fence

A contemporary option for your garden, hit and miss fences can come with both horizontal and vertical wooden slats bolted onto each side to create a pattern that offers complete privacy and aesthetic appeal. You can also purchase fences with a slatted top, which gives a less cramped feel to your garden by letting in more light.

Composite fencing

composite fencing

A highly durable fence, typically made from recycled wood and recycled plastic that is designed to look like wooden panels – so if you’re looking for a fence that’s environmentally-friendly, this might be the choice for you. This fences also offers little to no maintenance, as it only needs a hose down every once in a while to clear any dirt that might have accumulated over time. Composite fencing is also incredibly easy to install, as it doesn’t require special tools for its installation, unlike wooden fencing.


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