How to Choose the Right Paving Slabs for Your New Patio


Choosing the right paving means taking the time and consideration to choose slabs that you’ll be pleased to have as part of your patio for years to come. Thankfully, there are many ways to ensure you pick the right stone, cut and laying technique right off the bat. At Assured Landscapes, we like to make sure our customers are absolutely satisfied with their choice, so here’s a guide to choosing the right paving for your new patio.

How will your garden patio be used?

There are many sizes and configurations of patio. We, therefore, recommend that you have a good long think about how you will be using it.

Typical uses would include lounging around on sunny summer days, enjoying the weather, food and patio furniture. In which case, your patio is simply a functional and pleasing feature of the garden. All you need to do is select from a wide range of slate, granite, limestone, sandstone and concrete faux slabs. In addition, you may consider the slip-resistance of these different stones if you have small children running around.

However, if your patio adjoins a driveway you may want extra assurance that heavy machinery or vehicles won’t damage the patio should they need to use it for whatever reason. For larger properties, you should consider discussing the strength of the patio to be installed so that you can be assured it’s sturdy and versatile enough for such use.

Paving slabs should match your style

What style of interior design do you gravitate toward? If the answer is ‘modern’ consider how that can be reflected in the dark-blue and copper of vitrified paving. If your home is very traditional, consider slate stones which echo the cottages and lodges of Wales and Scotland.

The essence of this style-centred thinking is cohesion and comfort. You may admire a particular style now, but will you enjoy it every summer for the coming years? If you have already stamped your style onto the garden furniture and the choices of plants, maybe a subtler approach to the paving would work best?

Ultimately, find some guidance on style if you are unsure about aesthetics and then choose the stone that feels right to you.

Colour choice: neutral vs. natural

Striking colour palettes can be had from many manufacturers in today’s market. From deep, dark basalt hues to the palest of ivory shades. It’s therefore important to make the right choice.

Unique garden settings with dramatic colour palettes are most easily created by using the patio as either a blank canvas or a stark backdrop for the patio furniture. Other garden features should stand out, too, if this is the look you are going for.

Otherwise, the stone slabs should complement your existing garden features, often by closely matching the colours or choosing a similar tone. You can also use the first point in this list to inform your choice – who will be using the patio? If the answer is pets and young children, then consider darker slabs simply to avoid stains.

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