5 Reasons Artificial Grass is Great for Your Garden

Artificial grass has come a long way in recent years with the look and feel becoming so close to the real thing that it’s impossible to tell. This means its popularity has increased year-on-year and turfing technologies are only improving, meaning this clean, tidy and attractive alternative to traditional sod is a brilliant landscaping choice. Here’s why you should invest in artificial grass in 2019.

deck chair on artificial grass
  • Low maintenance garden

If you are a laid-back homeowner or a business looking to make a good impression on your clients, then artificial grass is for you. Once we lay your turf, it will require the occasional rake and brush to gather any leaf debris from surrounding plants but 99% of the time, you’ll have nothing but soft, lush, green grass – with no mud, no puddles or scorched areas in summer.


  •  Add kerb appeal to your home

The front garden is often the first thing you see when looking at a property. You may be selling your home or wanting it to look its best, either way artificial grass makes for an attractive frontage to your home. With astroturf, the front garden will never be patchy or overgrown ever again and it will leave a lasting impression on all your visitors.


  •  Grass without need for sun or water

For much of the year, Britain doesn’t get its fair share of the sun. In that time, a lawn that was lucious in summer can soon become straw-like, yellow and covered in bald spots of earth. Living in the south can have the opposite effect during the summer months when hose pipe bans are commonplace.


With artificial grass, you need never worry about lacking water or sunshine to keep your lawn looking pristine all year round. The real-to-life colour palette of greens and ochres means that your grass is as authentic as can be.


  •  Cost-effective garden transformation

Over a period of time, artificial grass saves you money and never looks worse for wear. With a small amount of upkeep, you’ll have a lawn that doesn’t increase your water bills, doesn’t require professional maintenance or incur the costs of seeding and turfing.


  •  Improved drainage

Artificial grass is completely free-draining which means over 50 litres of water can pass through 1 square metre of it per minute. That’s very useful in a storm, especially if you live in an area with a high amount of clay in the soil.


Heavily compacted soil also benefits from artificial grass, as this type of earth can pose problems for drainage. Your sub-base can also be removed and replaced with a more permeable alternative, meaning your saturation issues will be a thing of the past.


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