Garden Paving in Dorking | Why a Driveway Company Must Follow the Latest Legislation

A new driveway with fresh block paving, Indian sandstone or resin-bound aggregates will improve the look of your home and may even increase its value. That said, you need a professional driveway company to make sure the new installation complies with modern legislation. This is because inefficient planning could lead to poor drainage, causing further problems such as flooding when a storm hits. As a premier landscaping company with a passion for driveways, garden buildings, artificial grass, and garden paving, we implement workable drainage solutions for Dorking and Surrey projects.

What Is the Legislation?

It’s important to note that if your driveway is smaller than five metres squared, you won’t need planning permission. Larger environments will require planning permission, but only if you plan to use watertight, non-porous driveway or garden paving materials. SuDS, short for Sustainable Drainage Systems, mimics natural drainage to eliminate the chance of urban flooding. For this reason, your chosen driveway company should use a SuDS-compliant approach for the sake of your local area – be it in Dorking or any of the surrounding locations.

When it comes to garden buildings, you only need to meet building regulations when creating an abode. As such, you won’t need compliance when using it as a playhouse or summer room. Artificial grass naturally drains rainwater, sometimes even better than regular turf. An experienced driveway and landscaping company can advise further if you have any questions.

How Did Driveway Legislation Begin?

As more homeowners in Dorking and the surrounding regions turned to landscaping companies, large plots of grassy land became non-porous.

Due to these watertight installations, the amount of water flowing into the drainage systems would increase in severe weather. In turn, streets began to flood and wildlife often suffered as a result.

How Can I Ensure Compliance?

Landowners across Dorking turn to our landscaping company for garden paving, artificial grass, patios, garden buildings, decking and more. Part of our process involves checking that each landscape features the proper drainage, helping to fight back against standing water and the potential impact of flooding in torrential rain.

To make life easier, we offer permeable installations like resin-bound surfacing, block paving and Indian sandstone. Our driveway company applies these sustainable methods to avoid the need for planning permission, enabling water to enter the ground without impacting the nearby street drains.

Other Elements to Consider

It’s not just about drainage, however. Your landscaping company around Dorking should also provide a range of garden paving, artificial grass and driveway materials – and discuss them in detail so you can make an informed decision. In addition, your driveway company must consider location, dimensions and even the earth below before starting the work in earnest.

By following best practice in everything from driveways, patios and garden paving to full-scale garden buildings, our team provides exemplary craftsmanship every time. We know that efficient drainage keeps surfaces strong and attractive in the long run, meaning happier clients across Dorking and a great reputation for our landscaping company.

Please call our driveway company to learn more about what we do in the Dorking area. We install garden paving, artificial grass and more besides.

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